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Become A Volunteer

And make a difference in the lives of others

At Supporters for Vulnerable Children Tanzania, we believe in the power of individuals to create lasting change. Whether you're a healthcare professional, a home economics enthusiast, an English teacher, a science and mathematics expert, or simply someone willing to dedicate your time and skills, we invite you to be a part of our mission to uplift vulnerable children.

Opportunites for Our Volunteers

There are much more that you can do and receive in return


Teaching Children

Our Saturday Child Equip program needs your support to our VC, please join us by giving your time to teach them English, French, and other international languages as well as Mathematics and Science for their better future


Equipping Caregivers

Your Valuable skills on Vocational and Handcraft skills are highly needed to support the family strengthening efforts we are making to make sure that vulnerable children gets help from home and contribute to a loving home for them



We ahve children with disability who needs physiotherapy and other exercise treatments, your valuable expertise is needed to support this initiative and the best of VC in our communities


Teaching Digital Skills

This is so important for our Ageing out young adults transitioning from children homes, we need your skills to equip and prepare them to face a global evolving digital landscape as they set to become responsible citizens. Come and teach them Computer application, Apps development, Coding and Graphics and Video productions


Home and Orphanages Renovations

Most houses of families with VC are about to collapse, we request for your inkind volunteer for materials as well as your expertise on construction. Even many orphanages needs renovations for both buildings and facilities like furnitures



If you can't do any of the above please do fundraise for our causes as we are in need of about 30,000$ to meet our goal for this year.


Responsibly we organize and offer a maximum Tour values

Our Responsible tours make sure that you go back home with maximu unforgettable exparience with last forever with you and our environment, community and economy, we make sure that you purchase locally, guided in your tour by a local trained guide if not an Ageing out young adult, not only that you live your name in Tanzania on a tree you'll plant for your remembrance. Lastly we organise a day trip with children from orphanage with you
For you to experience a life in Africa, we includes a cultural tour in your package to enhance your volunteering time in Tanzania, we will send you to the most indegenious cultres of Tanzania, the Hadzabes, Datugas and Tindigas.
Lastly for you to notice the difference we will place you on an overnight home stay program so that you may learn how to cook a local tribal food and test it with your hosts