About Us

We are a Non-Profitable organization providing support to children all around Tanzania.

History of our children care Service.

SV Children Tanzania (Supporters for Vulnerable Children Tanzania), is an NGO, Not for Profit that networks Churches, other grassroots NGOs, Businesses, Orphanages, and individuals committed altogether to create a platform for solutions concerning Vulnerable Children’s welfare challenges in Tanzania. Our central work is to sensitize, lobby, advocacy, family empowerment, capacity building, family reunification and participate in legislation and policy reforms as a partner together with the government agencies and Ministries.

This institution was established in October 2018 by Pastor Mafuru the Pastor, Founder, Kingdom Keys Apostolic Ministries (KKAM.ORG), Pastor Mafuru is very passionate and committed in children Ministries since he himself has been born in a poor extended polygamist family of 29 children and raised in three kinship care and  two non relative families (foster family) to his adulthood. The institution became registered by the government of Tanzania on 17th July 2019 with registration number 00NGO/R/0101.

4 Years in Action

It has been a period of learning and doing, God is only the one to be praised for so far we have gone, and all our partners for your hands of support. Our steps are really your mutual like minded vision, children future is our book we read everyday

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Our Vision


“To have the community that is free from vulnerable children”.

Our Mission


“To link vulnerable children with families for alternative care and provide them with basic needs”


Every action in the community on alternative care of children must be bound with love regardless religion, color, race, ethnic group, tribe or any disability .

Our Objectives

  1. To raise financial, and knowledge resources for the improvement of alternative care for vulnerable children to cater for their needs.
  2. To raise awareness on family stability and security to reduce probability of children vulnerability.
  3. To facilitate reunification of vulnerable children and their families across Tanzania especially in marginal areas
  4. To sensitize the community on the importance of taking care of vulnerable children in their homes and turn orphanage care to family care  
  5. To facilitate education and support for vulnerable children in Tanzania
  6. To increase collaboration with other organizations, bodies or individuals whether national or international having advocacy strategies for the similar cause.
  7. To do any best practices which may deem to be important to carry the vision of this network at such a time

Our Plan

All donations will go to support 3 main problems: food, education, health. Our project is working with Vulnerable Children in Tanzania about 4 years and we’ve achieved great successes.

Our Core Values


all children regardless race, religion, color, ethnic group or being orphans or vulnerable


through those responsible actions we intend to bring change in children’s lives and transform a future community

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every drop of eagerness s to bring out a sound impact and share with the community through individuals and institutions available in that locality


let every member of the community is touched to be involved in alternative care of children

Our Mission

We are accepting donations of any size. Donating 1% of your monthly income won’t hurt you but will serve a great job for these children


Children Healthcare


Aging Out Upskill


Children Education


Financial Strengthenin

These kids require your help!

Recent Causes

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of these Tanzanian children. Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. Donate $2( average price of coffee in the USA) and someone’s life will get better!

Inclusive Community College

Donate to help us purchase a and renovate a campus for our ICC to help Vulnerable children access education.

Goal: $55000

Food And Clean Water

Donate to provide food and water supplies for children in Tanzania. Drought has affected children across African

Goal: $30000

School Supplies

Donate to help us buy books and etc for kids who can’t afford it

Goal: $3500